What makes you expert on this anyway?

Another great question…after all, it’s not like you can go and do a university degree on being a digital champion. The ‘expertise’ that Simon and the other coaches bring to this space (for want of a better word) comes from three things. First is professional experience in business improvement, knowledge management, IT projects and strategy. Second, we are fortunate enough to be unhampered by ‘day jobs’ and instead dedicate our time to building knowledge through reading, researching and talking to others. Finally, we genuinely care about our members and want to know what works, what doesn’t and where we can help them improve next.

The truth is, technology is a rapidly shifting landscape and it is difficult for any one person to build expertise across the broad domains that it covers. This might sound corny, but the real expertise lies in the community itself, the job of the coaches is just to help uncover and share it.