Is this a public or in-house program?

The Digital Champions Club is a public program that has been developed specifically for small and medium sized organisations with up to eighty employees. Although larger organisations have participated and found value in the program there is often a significant opportunity to scale the impact through a larger program. If you work in a larger organisation and would like to talk about in house programs please get in touch.

Who is this program most suitable for?

This is ideally for organisations with between 1o and 80 employees. At this size, organisations often have the challenges and complexity of larger organisations but lack the dedicated resources to solve them. Smaller organisations, especially those with less than five employees may find it harder to justify the financial and human resource commitments the program requires. If you’re not sure of the suitability, please speak to us.

We’re trying to get more women into the technology space, will this help?

Quite possibly. Nothing in the program is gender specific and a number of the digital champions are female. If you would like more women in your organisation in the technology space, we would encourage you to put them forward as potential digital champions.

Can you help us identify suitable technology opportunities?

Yes. Value Stream Mapping is one of the skills that we teach your digital champions and we encourage them to use this in your organisation to engage others to identify opportunities. If you want external assistance to conduct this process before starting in the program, this can be arranged as an additional service.

Have you worked with my competitors before?

A key aspect of the program is the willingness to share openly with other organisations. If you’re not prepared to do so, then this is probably not the program for you. That being said, if you were ever concerned that a particular project may be too sensitive to share you can discuss with your coach how such a project might be withheld from the rest of the community. Our hope is that, because sharing and collaboration on projects generally takes place at an operational level and not a strategic one, even direct competitors shouldn’t feel a need for concern.

Will this work for my industry?

So far, the digital champion approach has been shown to work in industries as diverse as

  • Aged care
  • Disability services
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Professional services
  • Construction

If you’d like more insight as to whether it would work in your industry and your business, it would be best to get in touch.

Does it matter what type of hardware/software we are currently using?

Every organisation uses a unique combination of technology solutions. This is why it’s so important to develop you own internal digital champions rather than just hiring consultants to provide recommendations and advice. The digital champions approach will give your internal experts the skills and knowledge they need to continually identify, investigate and implement new opportunities, regardless of what systems you currently have.