Do we have to share all our projects with everyone?

One of the founding principles of the Digital Champions Club is that we learn faster together. To date, members of the program have shared more than eighty projects in an open library for other members to access. That being said, if there was ever a potential conflict of interest or something was considered strategically significant, it is possible to treat projects confidentially on a case by case basis.

What type of support will I receive?

The main mechanism for providing support and accountability is through a monthly one-on-two coaching session between your digital champions and your dedicated coach. In between coaching sessions, you can also get support by posting questions to the program coaches and peers through our own social network, the Huddle.

What type of preparation do we need to do?

It would be great if you have already identified some possible opportunities you’d like to work on, but don’t worry, once you have committed to the program we will provide everything you need to get prepared.

Where is the location of the quarterly bootcamps?

The quarterly Digital Champions bootcamp alternates between Melbourne and Sydney. The day officially starts at 10:00am so participants flying in from other cities and regional centres can get there and back in a day.

In addition, the bootcamp is live streamed and we have an online coach to engage with participants who can’t physically make it. We always encourage all champions to attend these days in person but we appreciate that it’s not always possible or practical.

Do digital champions work one-on-one or in groups?

Most of the time digital champions work in pairs (with the two digital champions from the same organisation working on the same projects together). The exception is at the quarterly bootcamps where digital champions are encouraged to collaborate across organisations to gather new ideas and share what they’ve been working on.

Do you have an online version of the program?

Unsurprisingly, we use digital technology to reduce the time and travel burden of the program wherever possible. All coaching is done via teleconferencing and the quarterly bootcamp is live streamed so you can attend from anywhere. That being said, we believe the in-real-life experience of the quarterly bootcamp is still at least 20% better than the virtual version and we would encourage you to be there in person when possible.

What’s likely to go wrong?

Great question! There are three things that can possibly go wrong:

  1. The wrong projects – Not only is it important to focus on the right projects, it’s important to do them in the right order. We will help your digital champion prioritise your projects to help them build confidence, influence and value over time.
  2. A lack of effort – Your digital champion self select into the program and that this is seen as an official part of their job description (not an additional part). We will also have a one-on-one interview with each of your digital champions before they join the program to make sure they understand what is expected of them.
  3. A lack of influence – If your digital champions or the program sponsor can’t influence the technology decisions within your organisation, the program is likely to cause frustration rather than value. In this case you might want to consider whether you have the right people in the program.

How much time do I need to commit?

Memberships cater for up to two digital champions per organisation. It is expected that they commit a minimum of two hours each per week and be available for one full day each quarter. From this small commitment they should deliver six to eight projects within a year and generate returns of at least $100,000 to your organisation. Of course digital champions who can commit more time can potentially generate larger returns.

How do you choose which opportunities to focus on?

The increasing rate of technology change means there will always be more opportunities than we can possibly pursue. Knowing how to both identify and prioritise them is one of the important skills we teach digital champions. In general we seek to prioritise projects based on strategic significance, potential return and the level of effort required to implement them.