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The Digital Champion’s Two Day Intensive

This is the course to attend if you want a structured digital transformation approach to improving efficiency and driving competitiveness by using technology better in your organisation. The Digital Champion’s framework provides a systematic way for anyone (not just IT people) to continually identify, prioritise, and implement business improvement opportunities. In this insanely practical two-day program, you will not only learn the framework and a suite of simple tools for use back in your organisation, you will leave with a real world, value-adding project to complete over the next couple of months.

Following the two days you will also have access to two 2-hour (virtual) group coaching sessions delivered one month and two months after the end of the program. These coaching sessions are ideal for answering questions and getting refreshing ideas from the program as you take your digital improvement projects through to completion. If you successfully meet the requirements of the two-day program you will also qualify for certification as a Level I Digital Champion.

The program is run by Simon Waller and his team of coaches who have years of experience in supporting organisations to develop their digital champions. All the coaches understand that their number one priority is to ensure your success and they will do whatever they can to help you achieve it.

Program Outcomes

Over the course of the program you will learn

DAY 1: Identification & Prioritisation

  • The guiding principles and beliefs that underpin the leadership role of a digital champion
  • How to implement the digital champion’s approach inside your organisation
  • Who are your stakeholders and how their needs are different?
  • How to use process mapping to engage stakeholders and identify possible improvements
  • A simple, easy way to prioritise identified opportunities
  • How to structure and use a project board to create a continual flow of improvements

DAY 2: Investigation & Implementation

  • The Nine Questions approach to rigorously investigating your projects
  • How to identify, filter, and test possible technology solutions
  • A simple, no-nonsense approach to building a powerful business case
  • How to implement projects in a way that minimises risks and maximises returns

In addition, it is expected that over the course of the two days each participant will have identified and started work on a project worth $10,000+ to take away and implement over the next three months.

Who is this for?

This course is suitable for any organisation looking for a simple yet rigorous approach to using technology better. When thinking about who to send along our recommendations are

  • Send two people, not just one – Digital Champions work best in pairs (we believe this so strongly that there’s a 50% discount for the second person you send). Two people can provide each other with the internal motivation, help and support to complete improvement projects.
  • Operational as well as technological people – If you’re going to send two people we recommend that at least one come from an operational background. Operations is where problems worth fixing will be found. Finding the right problems is a much better indicator of value than finding good solutions (and then trying to retrofit the problem later).
  • It’s OK if they already have a day job – It’s not expected that being a digital champion is a full time role. In fact, a key benefit of the Digital Champion’s framework is that people can do it part time, alongside their regular work.
  • Generosity, Curiosity and Laziness – The three characteristics used to describe most digital champions is Generosity (they like to engage with and help others), Curiosity (they are interested in new ideas and new things) and Laziness (not to be confused with Disengaged, Laziness is not wanting to do things that could be simplified, automated or made redundant).
  • No prior experience required – You don’t need to be an expert in technology to succeed with this approach (though a general interest in technology will definitely help you stay motivated along the way).

Grab a Copy of the Two-Day Intensive Brochure

“We didn’t think we’d get that much return from such a small activity, but we’ve actually paid the investment back before we really even started it.”

Keith Thompson | Champion, SICK

Program Details

The cost of the program is $1,995 for individuals and $2,995 for groups of two (if you’d like to send more than two people along please get in touch for a discount).

The program runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm on each of the two days with the expectation that participants allow a further two hours each a week over the next three months to complete their projects (this is required for certification).

This program can also be run in house for larger organisations. Once again, please get in touch if you’d like to discuss in-house options.

Upcoming Dates for the Two-Day Intensive

15oct(oct 15)12:00 AM16(oct 16)11:59 PMEvent CancelledDigital Champion's Two-Day Intensive - SYDNEY

If your preferred location/date not available please let us know what you’re looking for