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Digital Champions Club Scholarship terms and conditions of award


The Digital Champions Club offers a series of annual scholarships (“the awards”) that provide worthy organisations the opportunity to participate in the Digital Champions Club . The awards are provided through in-kind support from the founder and coaches of the Digital Champions Club.

The objectives of the award are to:

  • increase access and opportunity for worthy organisations to be part of the program
  • bring diversity of thinking and ideas into the Digital Champions Club community

Award recipients will receive a 12-month membership to the Digital Champions Club which provides the following benefits for up to two individuals from the organisation:

  1. Monthly one-to-one coaching – Successful applicants  will receive 12 monthly one-hour coaching sessions, provided virtually and generally over Skype, with their assigned coach. The first coaching session will commence in January 2021.
  2. Quarterly Digital Champions bootcamp –  Successful applicants will be invited to attend four one-day intensives (bootcamps) alternating between Melbourne & Sydney should normal travel resume, but due to Covid-19 restrictions is now 100% online via Zoom.  
  3. Masterclasses –  Successful applicants will have access to the masterclass library to help them identify and explore potential projects.
  4. Ad hoc support –  Successful applicants will have access to ad hoc online support from both the coaching staff and peers.
  5. Project library –  Successful applicants will have access to an online library of over 100 completed projects.

There are up to three individual awards available.  One full scholarship will cover the full 12-month membership fees for the  Digital Champions Club and two half scholarships will cover 50% of the 12-month membership fees for the Digital Champions Club.  In all cases, the duration of the award is for up to one year.

The in-kind value of the full scholarship is $14,400.00 (exclusive of GST).

The in-kind value of each of the half scholarship is $7,200.00 (exclusive of GST). For half scholarships the remaining membership fees, equal to  $7,200.00 (exclusive of GST), will need to be paid either monthly or quarterly in advance in line with the programs standard payment terms.

For all awards, travel and other incidental expenses are not covered by the scholarship and will be at the responsibility of the award recipients.

The awards are not redeemable for cash equivalent.


The award will be made available each year to prospective Not-for-Profit and other for-purpose organisations based in Australia. Due to the expected time investment it is ideally suited to organisations with 20 to 200 employees but smaller organisations are welcome to apply.


Applications should be made via Applications will need to be submitted by midnight on the 31st October 2020. Any applications received after this time are accepted entirely at the selection committee’s discretion.


The selection process is a competitive one, meaning that applications will be assessed against each other on merit. There are three criteria that applications will be assessed against:

  1. The potential impact of the scholarship on the successful applicant and their work in the wider community;
  2. The diversity of ideas and thinking that the successful applicant can bring to the digital champions program; and
  3. The applicant’s understanding of and commitment to the requirements of the program.

The award is offered to an organisation by a selection committee chaired by the program’s founder, and which will also include the coaches of the Digital Champions Club.

The selection committee reserves the right to make no award if it considers there is no applicant of sufficient merit. The selection committee may also vary the number of awards and/or offer the award at other times in exceptional circumstances or based on the standard of applications or organisations.


A recipient of the Digital Champions Club Scholarship is permitted to concurrently hold other scholarships, awards and grants subject to the terms of the corresponding scholarship/grant/award that they are holding.  If permission is required, please forward a copy of consent from concurrent scholarship/grant/award.


The award cannot be deferred.


Ongoing eligibility for an organisation to hold the award is dependent on them meeting the expectations of the program. These expectations are detailed below.

a) Digital Champions

i)      Show up to coaching sessions & events

Digital Champions are expected to attend each of the quarterly bootcamps in person, as well as be on time and prepared for the monthly coaching calls with their assigned coach.

ii)      Do the work

Digital Champions are expected to dedicate a minimum of two hours per week  to progress their projects. A minimum of two hours each week per project is ideal.

iii)      Be a club player

Digital Champions are expected to be active participants in the community by sharing learnings and by seeking to learn from others, listening as well as talking, showing respect for other people’s time and meeting the commitments they make.

iv)      Aim for certification

Digital Champions are expected to meet the requirements of certification within six months of entering the program. Full certification guidelines will be provided to award recipients.

b) Sponsors

i) Provide support to your digital champion(s) by making required time and other resources available to them

ii) Advocate their role internally to build support from others

iii) Assist in the  identification, investigation and implementation of suitable projects where required


The success of the Digital Champions Club is intrinsically linked to the active participation of digital champions. If award recipients don’t show up, don’t do the work or act in a way that undermines the program, disrupts the value of the program for others, or is not in line with the values and expectations of the community, we reserve the right to withdraw the award at the Club’s discretion (of course this will not happen before we have had an explicit conversation with the digital champions and their sponsor and without giving an opportunity for corrective action).  


An award may be withdrawn at any stage if incorrect, false or misleading information is provided or relevant information is withheld. This includes circumstances where the false information is unrelated to the assessment in awarding the scholarship/grant.


Some sessions and events of the Digital Champions Club will be videoed and/or photographed.  These videos and images may be used for both educational and promotional purposes either in brochures, on a website or some other public domain.  The recipient may also be requested to participate in publicity for the award from time to time. Recipients may be contacted for an interview and photograph. The Club may also publicise the award by publishing the names of the recipients.


All enquiries regarding the award and changes, issues, or further information after acceptance should be made to:

The Digital Champions Club via

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