The Digital Champions Club

Scholarship Applications

So you’re thinking of applying? That’s awesome!

Scholarship applications can only be made online using the application form below. You can save your application at any time during the application process by clicking the save button in the application form. If you save your application a link will be sent to your email address and you can then use that to come back to your application at a later date.

Application questions

Following is a list of the information we will ask you to provide and questions that you will need to answer. Feel free to use this to get prepared before you start the application process.

The first few questions are just to let us know who you are and what you do

  • The names and email addresses of both digital champions and your internal sponsor
  • Your organisation’s name
  • Your organisation’s website
  • Your organisation’s approximate size
  • A brief description of what your organisation does
  • Let us know if you’re interested in the half scholarships (50% discount) as well as full scholarship

The next few questions are to help us understand why you’re interested in the scholarship and what you hope to achieve.

  • What challenges and opportunities do you imagine that a year in the Digital Champions Club might help your organisation address?
  • Thinking forward 12 months, how do you imagine that the way your organisation operates might be different from the way it operates now?
  • If you achieve the things that you hope to achieve over this time, what benefit will this create for society more broadly?

Finally we’d love to know what you think you can bring to the digital champions community in terms of diversity of thinking and ideas.

This is a creative submission and you can choose to make your submission via

  • text
  • url/web
  • file upload (file size limited to 10Mb)

Some examples of a creative submission might be a haiku, fictional story, poster, web page, video or interpretive dance number…just kidding (not kidding).

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