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In my last post I talked about the legacy of Zoom and how, suddenly, most of our customers, suppliers and colleagues are feeling quite au fait with video conferencing. But, as I pointed out, Zoom is just one step in the journey of video. Once your organisation has mastered Zoom there are so many other, bigger, and more valuable video-driven opportunities to consider. But what are these opportunities and how do we get there?

Let’s look at this in two parts. First, I’d like to give you an example of a bigger opportunity. Second, we’ll talk a little about how we can build towards it.

So first, here’s a concrete example of a ‘sophisticated’ video project I was recently involved in.

A couple of weeks back I was involved in the delivery of an online event with the crew from Pirate TV (Dave and Mykel Dixon) for RCSA (the Recruitment and Casual Staffing Association of Australia and New Zealand). ‘ReForm’ was a live streamed online event that attracted nearly 500 (paid) attendees, 25 presenters and over five hours of live content (approximately 10% of the content was prerecorded). Although it’s challenging to quantify the value of marketing and promotion, it’s likely the event created more than $100,000 in value between ticket sales and sponsorship opportunities.

But how do you go from a Zoom call to delivering a $100,000 event? The answer is scaffolding.

In no particular order these are the other projects that the Pirate TV team have previously delivered to build the skills and knowledge required for the ReForm event.

  • Videoconferencing internally (Zoom)Videoconferencing with clients
  • Recording our own promotional videos
  • Recording promotional videos for clients
  • Setting up a personal studio
  • Setting up a studio for clients
  • Designing and running own events
  • Designing and running events for clients
  • Designing and running an online event
  • Designing and running own conference (physical)
  • Designing and running a conference for a client (physical)
  • Hosting our own events
  • Hosting events for clients
  • Speaking at client events
  • Live-streaming own physical events
  • Running a distributed online event for ourselves
  • Running a distributed online event for clients
  • Producing a TV show for ourselves
  • Running ReForm

A couple of things to note. First, I didn’t do all these projects myself, some were done by the other members of Pirate TV. Second, most of these were done before COVID. In fact, the only projects that we delivered entirely after COVID were the last four – running distributed online events for ourselves and others (where all the speakers and production crew are in different physical locations), producing a TV show for ourselves and then we ran ReForm.

In many cases, the next project was only incrementally more difficult than the one before. Even still, I imagine this list might feel a little overwhelming. But before you lose heart, the truth is, the ~$100,000 value of ReForm is DWARFED by the value that was generated in getting there. The power of scaffolding is that you don’t need to wait until the end to create value, you can create value along the way. In fact, the power of scaffolding is that you get paid to learn. Each project not only delivers value, it delivers learning and the learning then illuminates the path ahead.

If you want help in scaffolding your video projects in a way that can deliver immediate value, arrange a time to talk about the Digital Champions Club…and if you’d rather just jump to the end and want to deliver an extraordinary online event but without all the time and effort, please get in touch to discuss Pirate TV.

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