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Your Guide to One Awesome Membership

Let’s be clear, a membership to the Digital Champions Club is not for everyone. We are a self described ‘do-ocracy’ which means that influence and respect ultimately flows to people who do shit (this is an idea we’ve borrowed with love from Atlassian).

We know that our community is more successful because of three principles:

  • A willingness to learn
  • A commitment to action
  • An openness to sharing

We are very explicit about these principles and are looking for people who are as committed to them as we are. In return for this commitment you will get to join an incredibly inspiring, rewarding and welcoming community.

If that sounds like you then we really hope you get in touch, this just might be the thing you’ve been looking for.

For SMEs seeking big returns
Ideal for larger organisations with 20 - 200+ employees
Includes everything in the Resource Membership plus:
- Access to the quarterly digital champions bootcamp (either livestream or in real life)
- Monthly mentoring provided by Simon
- Generate $100,000+ return within 12 months
$1,200 plus GST per month*
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Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We understand that the Digital Champions Club is quite unlike any other digital training program and for some this might seem like a risk. That is why both Elements and Prime Memberships are covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What does this mean? It means that if within 90 days of starting the program you aren’t completely satisfied that your membership is delivering the value you expect, we will refund 100% of what you’ve paid.

Got some questions? We’ve got some answers.

What members say

“One of the big projects we rolled out was a credit card application project – amazing. We didn’t think we’d get that much return from such a small activity, but we’ve actually paid the project back before we really even started it.”

-Keith Thompson, SICK

“The program has been great to help empathize with the irks that some workers would have and to also take on that way of trying to find solutions for them.”

-Andrew dal Pozzo, Clarke Hopkins Clarke

“One of the big things I’ve learned over the last 12 months is to continually ask and ask questions of your staff: talk to them, find out their pain points, find out what they struggle with, what they don’t like. You’ll find there are a lot of good projects in talking to them.”

-Adam Grabda, Bulbeck