Troubleshoot PTZ Camera

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Remote not working

  1. Ensure power is on to PTZ Camera (are you currently recieving an image?)
  2. Make sure remote is pointed directly at IR sensor on front of camera
  3. Check battery

Image is out of focus (blurry)

This is most likely because the auto focus has picked up the wrong object to focus on

  1. Use the zoom keys to zoom in or out a little bit
  2. Move the camera slightly using the arrow keys on the remote
  3. Wave your hand in front of the camera

No power to PTZ Camera

  1. Check plug is securely connected to powerpoint and powerpoint is turned on
  2. Check cable is securely connected to the back of the PTZ camera
  3. Check that the USB lead to the laptop is secure at both ends

Shot not aligned

  1. Use preset buttons to select the right shot
  2. Use zoom and arrow buttons to fine tune the shot
  3. If this is a permanent issue then after fine tuning the shot then long press on appropriate preset button to save changes.