Troubleshoot presenter audio

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By default we should encourage presenters to not include audio in their presentations (subject to review once we better understand the limitations of the current AV setup)

That being said, if the presenter has audio in their presentation and it isn’t working

Check connections

  1. HDMI should be connected from laptop to audio stripper
  2. HDMI should connect audio stripper to projector
  3. Audio stripper should be set to ‘2 channel’
  4. Audio stripper should be connected to speaker via audio cable (male left/right to 3.5mm jack)

Check sound

  1. If possible, check another sound source (music, spotify etc)
  2. Check speakers are on
  3. Check volume is turned up on both laptop and speakers

Move on

  • If this doesn’t fix it the best approach for now is to move on without it.