Troubleshoot microphones

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Set up the frequencies of the mic at the beginning to avoid feedback


  1. New speaker may time out / power save / sleep
    • Simply re-boot.
  2. If feedback/interference occurs
    • Turn off the channels. Go down to one microphone (e.g. Si’s mic is giving interference) switch to a handheld mic that’s not getting interference. We might have to set up the mic again, re-set it up, re-scan for channel.
    • When Simon is speaking, we can have other mic channels turned off. e.g. channel 3 on Zoom H6 can be turned off, it just has to be turned on when Simon comes up. Leaving it on could open us up to feedback issues.
  3. Computer’s not picking up the audio
    • See if the computer’s set up to receive H6. (This could be just making sure that it’s set up as an audio interface. If it’s not connecting, it’s most likely something to do with the USB hub connection or USBA adaptor -USBC hub)
  4. No audio signal on Zoom H6 being picked up
    • Check the mic input channel is on/lit up red:
    • Speak into the microphone to see the sound bars go up on Zoom H6 LCD screen. If it’s not picking up, the channel is probably off or the volume might be down too low.
  5. No audio signal on receiver being picked up
    • check the transmitter and receiver are on the same frequency channels
  6. Microphone transmitter or receiver not powering on
    1. check new batteries have been installed correctly
  7. No audio signal on Computer being picked up
    • check the Zoom H6 has been selected as audio input.