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General Settings for Simon’s setup:

  • Under preferences, the audio output device is ‘external headphones’
MacBook Pro
  • Under system settings, the output is set to MacBook Pro speakers
  • Mac speakers should be muted

Zoom H6
  • Audio splitter comes out of 3.5mm jack. 1/2 goes directly to the speaker. Put the amplifier inline there. 1/2 plugged back into the Zoom H6 (which provides the music and the sound)*
  • Audio is set to 3 (not 4)
  • Under system settings, External headphones
*Only problem: if Simon puts music through the Zoom H6 he won’t hear it (if Simon opens Spotify on his laptop and goes to playlist and press Play)

To Instigate the presentation

– Share Desktop 2
– On Resolume, input/output from the Menu and Display 2
– To undo, you can disable the output, stop sharing, and Ring side (Perth/Sydney) appears back on Display 2
– Zoom screen is maximised