Setup The Ring (Gabe’s laptop)

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Required components

  1. Gabe’s Laptop
  2. Gabe’s laptop power cord
  3. USB C to hdmi adapter
  4. hdmi cable (backup)
  5. USB Hub, connecting USB cable and power cable
  6. Logitec camera
  7. Camera Tripod
  8. Computer Monitor (backup)
  9. USB Microphone


    1. Setup Gabe’s Computer
    2. Connect Gabe’sComputer to USB C to hdmi adapter
  1. Connect Gabe’s laptop power cord to USB C adapter
  2. Connect HDMI cable from adapter to Projector/TV
  3. Connect Adapter USB port to USB hub using connecting USB Cable
  4. Power up USB Hub with USB power cable
  5. Setup tripod and camera physically
  6. Connect Logitec Camera to USB Hub
  7. Connect USB microphone to USB Hub
  8. Open up Zoom and test audio, and video.
  9. Align logitec camera and tripod for best angle
  10. Confirm that display is duplicating to external Projector/TV
  11. Confirm that speakers work from Projector/TV.
  12. Confirm Microphone levels

Not working?

Troubleshooting guide presenter audio

Troubleshooting guide presenter video