Setup presenter (Arena)

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The default presenter setup is for Simon’s iPad to be connected to the projector via Apple TV via a direct AirPlay connection

Required components

  1. iPad
  2. Apple TV (with power lead)
  3. Audio stripper (with USB power lead and charging brick)
  4. 3.5mm to LR (white and red) audio lead
  5. 2 x HDMI Cables


  1. Plug in Apple TV
  2. Plug in Audio stripper
  3. Connect Apple TV to Audio stripper HDMI input using HDMI lead
  4. Connect Audio Stripper to projector using second HDMI lead
  5. Ensure Audio stripper is set to 2 Channel
  6. Connect Audio lead between Audio stripper and AV/speaker
  7. Ensure iPad is connected to wifi network
  8. Ensure AppleTV is connected to wifi network
  9. Use AirPlay on iPad to connect to Apple TV

Not working?

Troubleshooting guide presenter audio

Troubleshooting guide presenter video