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The reason you should perform the process of “Scan New List” every time you work is to see what the RF traffic looks like in the area in which you’re working.

1) Turn on one of your EK 100 G3 receivers and press the Set button to enter into its Menu Mode.

2) Using the Arrow Keys, navigate to the Easy Setup option in the Menu, and press Set once to enter it.

3) Using the Arrow Keys again, navigate to the Scan New List option in the Easy Setup Menu, and press Set once to enter it.

4) The EK 100 Receiver will carry out its scanning procedure at this point. A progress bar will slowly move across its display. The entire process takes around 55 seconds to complete.

5) When the scan is finished, the screen on the EK 100 receiver will display the number of “Free” Presets that are available in each Bank.

6) Press the Arrow Keys and scroll through the 12 Banks to see how many Free channels are available in each one.

7) Choose the Bank that offers the largest number of free channels by pressing Set.

8) Now that you’ve scanned and selected a new Preset channel on which to operate your receiver, you now must Sync this new Preset Channel to one of your transmitters. Turn the Power on for the transmitter that you want to Sync with this receiver.

9) Press the Set button once on your EK 100 receiver (putting it in to Menu mode).

10) Press the Arrow Keys until Sync is displayed, and press the Set button again to enter into Sync mode. The word “sync” with a black triangle graphic will fill the display of the EK 100 receiver.

11) With the battery doors open on both the EK 100 receiver and your Sennheiser G3 transmitter, hold the two units face to face, one foot away from each other, or closer. When the infrared beam from the EK 100 successfully syncs the new channel, a check mark will appear beside the word “sync” on its display, and the receiver will return to Menu mode.

12) The receiver and the transmitter will now be operating on the same Preset Channel. You can exit the Menu mode on the receiver by quickly pressing the On/Off button, or by using the arrow keys to navigate to the Exit option in the menu, and pressing Set.



So far in the first 12 steps, we performed a scan and determined which Bank had the most free channels, we set our receiver to a new channel and we synced one of our transmitters so that it’s operating on the same Bank and Preset as the receiver that performed the scan. Now we must get our second G3 wireless system up and running.


13) Turn on the Power of your other EK 100 receiver by pressing the On/Off button.

14) Press the Set button to enter into its Menu Mode.

15) You are going to perform a new scan with the other receiver. You simply repeat Steps 2 through 4 with this receiver. Please note: keep the other wireless system powered up and running as you perform this scan.

16) When the scan is complete, use the Arrow Keys on the EK 100 receiver, and navigate to the Bank that you selected on your other wireless system (in my case, I chose Bank 3 with the first system, because it offered the most free channels, so now I must set the second to Bank 3 as well). Press Set to select the Bank.

17) Using the Arrow Keys, select the Channel Preset that you would like to use in this Bank. If you left your other system powered on when you performed this scan as instructed, then you can’t choose a bad channel from these Presets. Since your other system was powered on when the scan was performed, that channel will not be available as a choice in your second system.

18) Press Set on the receiver to store the new Bank and new Channel Preset. The word “STORED” will appear on its display.

19) Now you need to Sync this receiver with your other transmitter. Repeat steps 9 through 12 with this system



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