Managing Breakout Rooms in Zoom

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To manage Video Breakout Rooms, you must either be on

  • PC Version 3.5.31087.1102 or higher
  • Mac Version 3.5.31087.1102 or higher

Creating Video Breakout Rooms

1) Start an instant or scheduled meeting.

2) Select the Breakout Session option in the menu bar

3) Select the number of sessions you would like to create, and how you would like to assign your participants to those sessions.

  • Automatically: Let Zoom split your participants up evenly into each of the sessions
  • Manually: Choose which participants you would like in each session

4) Click Create Sessions.

You sessions will be created, but will not start automatically. Once the sessions are created, you can manage the sessions prior to starting them.

Assigning Participants to Sessions

To assign participants to your Breakout Sessions, select Assign next to the session you wish to assign participants to and select the checkbox next to each participant you wish to assign to that session. Repeat this for each session.

Once a participant has been assigned (manually or automatically), the number of participants will show in place of the Assign button.

Preparing Breakout Sessions

If you selected to assign participants to sessions Automatically, your sessions will appear with the participants assigned evenly across your sessions. If you chose to assign participants Manually or wish to make changes, you can do so before starting the sessions. Participants who are not assigned to breakout sessions will remain in the main meeting when the sessions are started.

  • Move to (participant): select a session to move the participant to

  • Exchange (participant): select a participant in another session to swap the selected participant with

  • Delete Session: delete the selected session

  • Recreate: allows you to start the Breakout Session creation from scratch
  • Add a Session: add another Breakout Session
  • Start All Sessions: start the sessions. All participants will be moved to their respective sessions after confirming the prompt to join the Breakout Session. The host will be left in the main meeting until manually joining one of the sessions. The participants (and the host when manually joining a session) will see the message shown below when being moved to the Breakout Session.

Managing Breakout Sessions – In Progress

Once the Breakout Sessions have been started, the participants will be asked to join the Breakout Session. The host will stay in the main meeting until joining a session manually. If a participant has not joined the session yet, it will be noted by “(not joined)” next to their name.

  • Join (session): allows the host to join the breakout session selected
  • Leave (session): allows the host to leave the session and return to the main meeting (only shows when in a Breakout Session)
  • Stop All Sessions: Will stop all sessions after a 30 second countdown, shown to the host and participants, and return all participants back to the main meeting.

Ask for Help

Participants in the Breakout Sessions can request that the meeting host join their meeting by pressing the Ask for Help button in the menu bar.