Host Controls During a Zoom Meeting

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These are the different host controls that allow you as the host to control various aspects of the Zoom Meeting

The “Host” of the meeting will have control over all functions and features in the meeting. There can only be one host and it should be set to either Simon or Kate by default.

The two main controls required are set in red ‘Make/Reclaim host’ and ‘Mute/Unmute all’

The main panel contains several functionalities related to the meeting.

  • Mute/Unmute All: mute/unmute all participants in meeting – you will be given the option (checkbox) to allow or not allow participants to unmute
  • Lock Screen sharing: by selecting lock screen sharing, other participants will not be able to share screen.
  • Mute on Entry: participants will automatically mute as they enter the meeting
  • Play Enter/Exit Chime: plays a sound as participants join and leave the meeting
  • Lock meeting: you can lock your meeting so that no other participants may join

Other options are also available by hovering over a specific participant.

  • Stop/Ask to Start Video: stop or request to start participant’s video stream
  • Make Host: you can grant another participant permission to be the host of the meeting – the host of the meeting can also Reclaim Host after making another participant the host of the meeting
  • Remove: you can kick/boot participant(s) from the meeting
  • Allow Record: you can allow other participants the option of recording the meeting (To learn more about recording please click here)
  • Rename: rename the attendee name selection
  • Put Attendee on hold: Place the participant “on-hold”, removing them from the video and audio conference – *you must have Enable attendee on-holdselected in your Profile Settings prior to starting the meeting

Selecting Pop Out or on an older version of Zoom will give the following