Simon Presenting a Keynote

General Settings for Simon’s setup: Resolume Under preferences, the audio output device is ‘external headphones’ MacBook Pro Under system settings, the output is set to MacBook Pro speakers Mac speakers should be muted Zoom H6 Audio splitter comes out of 3.5mm jack. 1/2 goes directly to the speaker. Put the amplifier inline there. 1/2 plugged […]

Alternate Setup (Sunny in the Ring)

Required components  Sunny’s laptop Sunny’s laptop power cord  Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Logitec camera Camera tripod 3.5 to 3.5 mm cord Wireless microphone Microphone receiver Projector / TV   Steps in setting up Sunny’s computer 1. Connect Sunny’s computer to the projector / tv via the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI connector 2. Connect the Microphone […]

Setup Microphones – Scan for best channels

The reason you should perform the process of “Scan New List” every time you work is to see what the RF traffic looks like in the area in which you’re working. 1) Turn on one of your EK 100 G3 receivers and press the Set button to enter into its Menu Mode. 2) Using the Arrow Keys, […]

Setup and connect Zoom H6 audio interface

This guide is to help with the connection of the Zoom H6 Audio interface to Simon’s MacBook Pro. Note: Do this after setting up the wireless microphones and connecting the iPod and speaker What you will need Zoom H6 Audio Interface USB mini cable Connect the Zoom H6 to the USB Hub Make sure the Zoom […]

Setup iPod and Speaker

This guide is to help with the setup of the iPod and Speakers with H6 Audio interface which will then connect to Simon’s MacBook Pro. Note: Do this step before turning on the Zoom H6 and connecting it to the laptop What you will need iPod iPod charging cable Speaker 2 x 3.5mm to 3.5mm […]

Set up internet connection (the Arena)

Required Components Apple TV laptop iPad Primary Network: In-house/Venue WiFi Network name is: Collective Purpose – Guest Password: guest@CP Secondary Network: Simon’s 4G WiFi service provider Network name is: SiWiFi Password: aaaaaaaa Steps Do a speed test on Simon’s laptop while connected to primary network. Then do a speed test of the SiWiFi mobile 4G. […]

Other presenter setup (Arena)

This article is to assist in the setup of another presenter using their own device. For Mac users If the presenter is using a Mac then it is possible for them to connect via the AppleTV. Ensure both devices are on the same network If we are using Simon’s $G Modem for streaming (‘SiWiFi’ network) […]

Setup The Ring (Gabe’s laptop)

Required components Gabe’s Laptop Gabe’s laptop power cord USB C to hdmi adapter hdmi cable (backup) USB Hub, connecting USB cable and power cable Logitec camera Camera Tripod Computer Monitor (backup) USB Microphone Steps Setup Gabe’s Computer Connect Gabe’sComputer to USB C to hdmi adapter Connect Gabe’s laptop power cord to USB C adapter Connect […]

Setup presenter (Arena)

The default presenter setup is for Simon’s iPad to be connected to the projector via Apple TV via a direct AirPlay connection Required components iPad Apple TV (with power lead) Audio stripper (with USB power lead and charging brick) 3.5mm to LR (white and red) audio lead 2 x HDMI Cables Steps Plug in Apple […]

Setup wireless microphones

This guide is to help with the setup of the microphones and H6 Audio interface which then connects to Simon’s MacBook Pro. Note: Do this step before turning on the Zoom H6 and connecting it to the laptop What you will need Microphone 1 – lapel Microphone 2 – hand held Microphone 3 – hand […]