Bootcamp Scenario 3: Group Discussion

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In this scenario

  • The presenter is speaking
  • Audience in the Arena is involved in group discussion
  • Audience in the Ring is involved in group discussions
  • Online participants are involved in group discussions
  • Kate is monitoring Gabe for questions/contributions

Arena setup (East Coast)

  1. Zoom is shared via Apple TV/screen
  2. PTZ Camera is on audience
  3. The Ring and Online participants are UNMUTED on Zoom
  4. H6 Settings
    1. Presenter microphone ON (1)
    2. Audience microphones ON (2 & 3)
    3. Zoom input is ON (4)
    4. Music is OFF
    5. Speaker is ON

Ring setup (West Coast)

  1. Zoom is shared via screen
  2. Speaker is ON (presenter + audience)
  3. Camera on audience
  4. Microphone is ON


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