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Welcome! My name is Simon Waller and I help organisations develop digital champions (you can find out more about me here).

I’m fairly sure you didn’t get here by accident. Someone at some point in time (probably me) gave you a weblink and BAM! here you are. Anyway, I know time is precious so let’s get on with it.

Ever feel that technology is changing a little fast and you or your organisation is struggling to keep up? You may have an IT department (though perhaps it’s been outsourced) and although they do a good job of ‘keeping the lights on’ they don’t seem to come up with the innovative digital stuff that you are sure is out there? Or perhaps you’re working inside the IT department and your looking for better ways to engage with the business and deliver the innovative solutions they need?

Either way, you’re not alone.

Enter the Digital Champion

A digital champion is someone who acts as a catalyst for technology-enabled change. In an unofficial capacity they have been with us for a while: they are the person we turn to when we need help resetting our smartphone, the person who always seems to know the latest and best apps, the people for which technology just seems to ‘work’.

Without getting too dramatic they are the beacons of hope in a world where technology is everywhere.

More recently, the role of the digital champion has become increasingly formalised. The first official digital champion was Martha Lane Fox (the founder of who was engaged by the UK government in 2010 to drive efficiency of government services by encouraging people to go online. Now every member of the EU has there own digital champion and this has, in turn, created a movement of community based digital champion programs across Europe and the rest of the world.

Although each of these programs is unique, they all involve people helping other people increase efficiency and improve quality of life through the better use of digital technology.

The Digital Champion book

One of the biggest needs for digital champions lies in small and medium sized organisations. These organisations often lack the specialist knowledge and skills of their larger competitors and, as a result, have struggled to keep up with technology-driven change.

In 2016 I wrote The Digital Champion: Connecting the Dots Between People, Work and Technology. It was originally written as a handbook for members of my Digital Champions Club but would be a great companion for digital champions anywhere and everywhere.

If you’re interested in the book click on the following link. It will take you to another website so please make sure you come back!

The Digital Champions Club

Once every three months there is a small intake of new members into the Digital Champions Club (the DCC), a community for small and medium sized organisations wanting a more proactive approach to technology. If you are already an ‘unofficial’ digital champion within your organisation, the DCC also represents an incredible professional development opportunity where you will get collaborative digital training with like-minded people on value-adding projects that will lift the digital capabilities of your organisation.

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Want to develop your own digital champions?

Digital Programs for SMEs

If you are interested in taking a more proactive approach, one that will both deliver valuable digital projects and lift the capabilities of your staff, I run a number of digital programs for SMEs to help them develop their digital champions. The structure of the programs varies to meet the different needs of SMEs, corporations and government but they are all based on the same core elements; engagement, rigour, accountability and peer learning.

If you are interested in finding out how I might be able to help you and your organisation let’s set up a phone call and then, if it looks like a good fit, we can arrange a more formal meeting.

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