Learn the Game Plan for Success With Digital

Technology is changing rapidly. New opportunities to drive productivity and improve customer service emerge every day. Digital transformation is no longer just a ‘nice to do’, it’s increasingly a ‘must have’ for long term success.

Yet despite its importance, research shows that more than 70% of digital and IT projects fail to deliver. They regularly cost more than expected, take longer than planned, and fail to deliver their promised outcomes. In fact many projects fail to be delivered at all. So given technology’s strategic significance, why do so many projects go wrong, and more importantly, how can we execute better?

In this two hour introduction to the Digital Champion’s framework we will explore the difference between technology improvements and technology projects and how a structured approach to small, easy and quick improvements can dramatically increase the success of your projects.

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The Benefits of the Game Plan

  • Find out the three myths that stop technology projects from succeeding
  • Learn a simple approach that will dramatically improve the success of your digital transformation efforts
  • Discover how to consistently identify technology improvement opportunities that deliver a 10x return in the first year
  • Learn how you can develop internal experts whilst also generating immediate financial returns.


Simon Waller has (quite literally) written the book on how small and medium sized organisations can consistently deliver successful digital transformation projects. Get a FREE copy of the book with every ticket.

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These introductory events are designed for CEOs and business owners who want to understand what goes wrong with technology projects and some simple principles that will help drive success.

Led by Simon Waller, founder of The Digital Champions Club, the session will explore the three enduring myths about technology that leads to projects failing and a proven game plan for delivering simple and profitable digital improvement projects on a regular basis.

*Tickets cost $79 each and include refreshments along with a copy of Simon’s book, The Digital Champion: Connecting the Dots Between People, Work and Technology. 

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