I’m not normally one for self promotion so please forgive me for the following email (or see the content as being of such significance that I was left with little choice). Following is the briefest of summaries, then feel free to read on, delete or (should the idea of self promotion be so unbearable to […]

There is a BIG challenge organisations are facing when it comes to digital business. Some staff feel overwhelmed by technology-driven change (thought there is so much change to come) Yet others feel frustrated that the digital tools they have at home are better than the ones they get at work. The BIG challenge for most organisations […]

There is an ongoing tension between the digital savvy of people and how an environment* enables or supports them. If one of these forces move too fast OR too slow we create a digital             disconnect * in organisations this is the combination of systems, devices, tools, norms and policies they operate in There […]

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