The Digital Champions Club


In 2018 we launched the world’s most comprehensive certification process for Digital Champions. The certification scheme has been created to ensure organisations, users, and other stakeholders can have confidence in the knowledge and skills of their digital champions.

The certification process assesses the competence of digital champions across four key areas: the ability to identify suitable technology opportunities, the ability to investigate and assess possible projects thoroughly, the ability to successfully implement digital solutions, and the ability to engage with stakeholders and peers.

Individuals who meet the criteria laid out in the Digital Champions Certification Process will be awarded the title of Certified Digital Champions.


Here are some of the benefits to organisations and individuals from certification.

Benefits to the organisation

Main benefits of certification to the host organisation include

  1. Improved ability to identify and deliver digital projects
  2. Increased productivity and product/service quality
  3. Improved employee satisfaction and motivation
  4. Reduced reliance on external experts
  5. Reduced risk in the delivery of digital projects
  6. Improved stakeholder engagement

Benefits to the individual

Main benefits of certification to the individual include

  1. Increase internal engagement and influence
  2. Transferable skill set across industries
  3. Reduced frustration through the improvement of workplace systems
  4. Quantified value creation
  5. Improved personal brand and employability

Find out more about certification

There are currently two avenues to certification. For small and medium sized organisations the best approach is through a membership to the Digital Champions Club. It is expected that all members achieve the requirements for certification within the first three to six months.

For medium and large organisations there is also the option of a customised internal digital champions program that can help build a critical mass of certified digital champions across the organisation.

To find out more about both these options please get in touch.

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