All I want for Christmas…is some downtime

As the festive season fast approaches and we frantically try and poke a bit more work into the few remaining gaps in our already packed schedules… …just stop for a moment and ask yourself When did it come to this? We have access to extraordinary time saving technology and yet we’re all desperately craving more […]

Same methodology. Different delivery.

I’m not normally one for self promotion so please forgive me for the following email (or see the content as being of such significance that I was left with little choice). Following is the briefest of summaries, then feel free to read on, delete or (should the idea of self promotion be so unbearable to […]

Is IT meeting your needs?

There is a BIG challenge organisations are facing when it comes to digital business. Some staff feel overwhelmed by technology-driven change (thought there is so much change to come) Yet others feel frustrated that the digital tools they have at home are better than the ones they get at work. The BIG challenge for most organisations […]

Avoid the digital disconnect

There is an ongoing tension between the digital savvy of people and how an environment* enables or supports them. If one of these forces move too fast OR too slow we create a digital             disconnect * in organisations this is the combination of systems, devices, tools, norms and policies they operate in There […]

Why doesn’t technology live up to the hype?

Read the newspaper recently? By all accounts we are about to be overrun by a swarm of nano-drones controlled by machine learning robots as we mindlessly sit in our driverless cars access Facebook through Google Glass. Compared to that vision, our daily experience of technology may be considerably safer, though a little underwhelming. This is […]

News from the Digital Champions Club

Normally I’m not one for much self promotion but I’ve mentioned the Digital Champions Club a few times recently and want to give you a peek behind the curtain so you can see what’s being going down. Curious? Read on! Damn it, I have some other pressing spam messages to delete but what the heck […]

The crowd’s not that wise…but there is still a lot you can learn

The other day I was talking to a potential member of the Digital Champions Club. He loved the concept but was concerned that his organisations (which worked in software development) might not get a lot of value out of his membership. One of the really cool aspects of the Digital Champions Club is a quarterly […]

Curiosity is the antidote to unlimited choice

If we look at the current digital landscape we are spoiled for choice. There are thousands of options when it comes to hardware and millions when it comes to apps and software. But this wasn’t always the case. For much of the digital revolution choice has been somewhat limited. Even as recently as 2008 Windows […]

Will you be your Champion’s champion?

What to do about digital disruption As a speaker for The Executive Connection I have spoken to over 400 SME executives about the impact of digital technology on business over the last two years. Almost without fail, these CEOs have acknowledged the pressing need to take a more proactive approach to digital technology and identify opportunities to disrupt their own business (before […]