Is IT meeting your needs?

There is a BIG challenge organisations are facing when it comes to digital business.

Some staff feel overwhelmed by technology-driven change (thought there is so much change to come)

Yet others feel frustrated that the digital tools they have at home are better than the ones they get at work.


The BIG challenge for most organisations is that there are some for which digital is already too much and others for which it’s clearly not enough.

Meeting such diverse needs means IT resources are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d yet in many cases expectations are still failing to be met (though there is so much change to come)

If we want to

better align technology with people’s needs

and simultaneously build capabilities to take advantage of digital opportunities

whilst also reducing the the stretch of IT resources

then we have to start diffusing some of the responsibility for identifying and implementing digital opportunities. Working out how to do this should be the #1 focus for organisations wanting to go digital.

Does your organisation need digital champions?

Over the last 12 months, the Digital Champions Club has been helping small and medium sized businesses identify and implement digital opportunities that solve business problems, engage users all whilst delivering bottom line value.

It’s now time to take this success to the enterprise.

The Digital Champions Club: Enterprise Edition is a year-long program that provides a rigorous, people-centric approach to identifying and implementing new digital opportunities. More than just ‘learn by doing’ this is a program is based on the principles of ‘learn by delivering meaningful value adding projects that improve productivity, reduce digital risk and improve strategic decision making’.

If your IT department is over stretched and you are looking for a way to better align technology with people’s needs and build digital capabilities you should press the big button below or get in touch via

Avoid the digital disconnect

There is an ongoing tension between the digital savvy of people and how an environment* enables or supports them. If one of these forces move too fast OR too slow we create

a digital             disconnect

Thin ice_6x4

in organisations this is the combination of systems, devices, tools, norms and policies they operate in

There are two types of disconnect

The first is where the environment is more technology enabled than people are comfortable with.
This drives fear, creates cognitive overload and inevitably results in an underutilisation of the technology. All of this come with inherent cost to the organisation.

The second type is when people are more tech savvy than the environment they operate in.
This results in frustration, which subsequently drives people to operate in the shadow lands outside the defined IT environment. The additional IT expense, increased risk and missed opportunity also come with a cost to the organisation.

if we can manage this tension just right

magic can happen!

By striving to meet the needs of increasingly digital savvy users, we can create a pull towards more enabling environments. In turn more enabling environments will push people to be more digital savvy.

The interplay of these two forces can shift an organisation from ‘adequate’ ways of working built in the past to truly effective ones created for the future.

If you’re looking to start a digital transformation program for your organisation but having a hard time getting the ball rolling, head over to the Digital Champions Club to see how we can help you through the process.

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