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We help businesses use technology to gear up for growth

Digital transformation support for Australian organisations

We show your people how to

Identify the areas of your business that are constraining  growth

Investigate digital solutions that simplify, improve or even automate those parts of your business

Implement small improvement projects continuously

Has your business got growing pains?

Growth allows leads to lower costs which in turn makes businesses more competitive and profitable, but it also means they end up employing more people.

As the workforce grows it becomes harder to coordinate work between people, harder to communicate and keep everyone informed, work starts getting duplicated because of poor communication, response times increase and customer service suffers.

This can lead to increasingly complex processes, decreasing productivity, more mistakes, overworked employees, and growing frustration for business owners.

This is a particular issue for SMEs (small and medium sized organisations with between 10 and 100 employees). They are big enough to experience these growing pains but not so big that they have all the resources they need to fix them.

The skills you need

To address these problems, there are three core skill sets that every growing business needs to have in-house and on demand.

To help businesses overcome these growing pains we support their people to develop three sets of skills.

We teach business improvement and process mapping skills so that improvement projects are focused on the right areas and people are engaged.

We work with your people to understand and compare innovative digital solutions to ensure the right fit for your business.

We provide an easy to understand project management framework that delivers results quickly and continuously.

Using these skills you will have more involved employees and increase the value and reduce the effort required to deliver improvements.

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