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Are you struggling with digital transformation?

Digital transformation support for Australian SMEs

Digital technology provides organisations with an incredible opportunity to drive improvement in business processes. Yet research suggests that more than half of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) feel they lack the required expertise to take advantage of these opportunities.

If you’re currently struggling with some of the following, then perhaps it’s time to take a look at a different approach

  • Technology projects take longer than estimated
  • Technology projects cost more than expected
  • Technology projects that don’t deliver the outcomes that were promised
  • Low adoption rates of technology by end users
  • Challenges dealing with outside consultants
  • Difficulty in finding independent expert advice
  • Frustrated end users who are struggling to use current systems
  • A lack of visibility and control over what systems are being used and by who

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A Different Approach to Digital Transformation

The Digital Champions Club is a program for SMEs who want to improve the success of their digital transformation projects. We achieve this by developing internal experts within organisations who can consistently and successfully identify and deliver technology projects.

The Digital Champions Club provides a combination of community, accountability, training and support that maximises returns and minimise risks. Everything in the program is designed to shortcut the time required to identify, assess and deliver the projects that will add value to your users and your organisation.

With just two digital champions committing two hours each per week you can expect your organisation to generate an additional $200,000+ of value each year.

Proven Methodology
One on One Coaching
Quarterly Intensives
Online Resources
Expert Speakers

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The Community

At the core of the digital champions community is a group of like-minded organisations who believe that sharing openly with each other improves outcomes and reduces unnecessary risk. They are supported by three expert coaches Simon Waller, Kate Fuelling and Gabe Alves who are tasked with guiding your digital champions through the delivery of their projects.

Simon Waller

Simon Waller

Coach & Founder
Kate Fuelling

Kate Fuelling

Gabe Alves

Gabe Alves